Simple, effective and designed by Kiwi's for the unique New Zealand conditions more and more people are trying a Taege.  Among Taege's extensive range of top rated agricultural equipment designed and manufactured in New Zealand at the Christchurch headquarters is a direct drill unit that's making people sit up and take notice.

There are three main features that allow the drill to work across a wide diversity of everyday and more challenging conditions.

Drillwebx300The Taege's superior penetration qualities combined with clever tyne design ensures seed is placed in optimal proximity to any simultaneous fertiliser whilst avoiding seed burn.

It's a design that also allows the tyne to flexiibly breast obstacles without penetrating too deep or flicking stones.

Next up, the Taege offers excellent accuracy in following contours, again relating to its tyne orientation and configuration.

This set up allows around 200mm of travel between tynes, resulting in consistent drilling to a uniform depth over the widest possible variety of tough-as New Zealand terrain.

Combine these two useful attributes with the Taege's peerless trash clearance, again achieved by well researched tyne set up and you've a machine to reackon with.

Regardless of your terrain, and regardless of your sowing plans, the Taege direct drill can easily penetrate the soild ground to create a tilth below your seed (and fertiliser), clear any trash and gently grade and compact on the harrow / tyrerollers follow through.

With appropriately spaced tynes, a full range of drill and seed hopper sizes are available for all situations and purposes.

Hoppers are plaed high to give a good fall on the hoeses even when on steep country.

Backing up the quality of the engineering on the ground is an electronic in-cab calibration system of truly first class accuracy.  Programmable so that any of your team can easily operate it at the touch of a button (4 times), the Taege calibration system has been gaining test plaudits from industry pundits and those at the coalface since its launch.

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