Taege Contractor Post Driver

Taege Post Drivers have been produced in Sheffield, Canterbury New Zealand for the last 12 years by Taege Engineering Ltd, a farming community based agriculture engineering company.

Their post drivers have become the preferred choice of many successful fencing contractors, property developers and farmers. With the demands for an extremely strong solid post driver to handle the very rocky conditions in the Canterbury foot hills.

Taege Engineering produced a post driver that can handle these conditions and now there are four drivers in the range, from a basic “Farmer 500” to the fully optioned “Contractor” model. Years of development have produced post drivers that can be termed “state of the art”.

Now you have the option of complete hydraulic control of; monkey, top link, angle link, side shift, end shift, spike carrier/puller, spike/auger turner, flip top mast, auger unit, individually controlled legs, monkey safety catch, and side mount. If you don’t enjoy pulling levers you can be up and running with 1 but if you do, can have up to 12 to choose from.

Some of the development and improvements can be attributed to direct feedback from you the end user. Taege Engineering Ltd value and listen to your ideas and will purpose build units to suit individual needs.

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