Taege 6.0m Air Seed Drill

Taege Engineering is now happy to announce the long awaited arrival of the prototype single hopper 6.0m Air Seeder. Built on top of the proven 6.0m Cultivator base which is set up the same as the extremely successful Taege Seed Drill, it is a machine that has been in demand from us for some time now. Being priced at a very competitive level.

Although there will be some changes in the following machines, the principles will be the same as on the photographed prototype. There will be a short testing time after Mystery Creek and then work will begin on the double and triple hopper version which is already in high demand.

With approximately 1400L of capacity the hopper can handle one tonne capacity bags easily. Future plans are for an optional crane or auger system to handle these.

An external custom built 49 drop splitter tower is used at present which provides tidy and efficient hose routing. It also means you retain full hopper capacity and access by not having it mounted inside the hopper.

Unique Taege phasing rams are standard which ensures equal raising and lowering of the air seeder over the 4 hydraulic legs regardless of the weight over each axle. Rephasing the rams is done simply automatically every time the drill is raised to its full height.

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